Pigthen Thigpen (cordelia_speaks) wrote in cddrop_detroit,
Pigthen Thigpen

fly, little birdie. fly.

i will be dropping a cd at the ann arbor art fair tomorrow, sometime in the late afternoon/early evening. i will leave it somewhere on the north university side of hill auditorium.

i realize that ann arbor is not a part of "metro detroit", but i just couldn't resist the opportunity.

it's not perfect (track 2 was meant to be placebo... and track 4 managed to mingle itself with another track), but i couldn't abide trashing the thing for it's peculiarities.

1. stellastarr* - in the walls
2. royksopp - eple
3. bloc party – she’s hearing voices
4. audio bullys – we don’t care
5. the vines – ms. jackson
6. richard ashcroft – check the meaning
7. massive attack – special cases
8. the arcade fire – une annee sans lumiere
9. curtis mayfield – move on up
10. the streets – has it come to this
11. B21 – darshan
12. mirwais and craig wedren – miss you
13. feeder – just the way i’m feeling
14. manic street preachers – there by the grace of god
15. fc kahuna – hayling

not very eclectic. heavily british. everything is handwritten because my printer is on the fritz. cover art drawn under the influence of schnapps... on an ill-fitting, crookedly cut piece of paper.

and, by the way, i am totally intrigued by this little project.
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I love this entry, just for this line:
i realize that ann arbor is not a part of "metro detroit"
More fuel for the ongoing debate between my boyfriend and I.
yay! i always like to fuel arguments! ;)
ann arbor totally counts!!
metro detroit area right??
i might swing by and snatch it up if someone else already hasnt

I am looking for it tomorrow before I work! Art Fair be damned.
it actually ended up on the wrong side of hill, under a bench.
i made sure it was clearly visible though, so hopefully someone will pick it up!